What is Menter Môn? 

Menter Môn is a not for profit social enterprise that delivers projects and services across North West Wales. It has a Board of Directors who give their time on a voluntary basis to provide the company with strategic support.

What does Menter Môn do?

Menter Môn seeks to add value to the region’s resources for the benefit of local inhabitants. Among these resources are the natural and built environment, heritage, language, people and agricultural produce.

Is Menter Môn part of the Council?

No. It was originally established as a project within Anglesey County Council in 1995 however it became an independent company in 1996.

Who funds Menter Môn?

The company does not receive any core funding and must either apply for funding or compete for work.

Where does Menter Môn operate?

Despite the name Menter Môn delivers projects across North and West Wales. The majority of the activity is currently in Anglesey and Gwynedd.

How many people work for Menter Môn?

The number of staff can fluctuate due to the nature of funding programmes, however we currently employ 40+ people in our offices in Llangefni and Porthmadog.

How will Brexit impact on Menter Môn?

Menter Môn was established to deliver an EU programme called LEADER, which we have delivered ever since. European funding has been an important source of income for Menter Môn, however we have also attracted funding from various other sources and have competed for work on a commercial basis. Brexit will bring change and Menter Môn is ideally positioned to respond to the challenges with creativity and vigour, continuing our work for the benefit of North West Wales’ communities.

What has Menter Môn done?

Since it was established Menter Môn has attracted over £70 million of funding to the area. The funding has been invested in projects such as the Anglesey Costal Path, supporting new food products, renovating old buildings and protecting native species. In the majority of cases the funding would not have been invested in the area had Menter Môn not presented the applications.

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Menter Môn’s Equal Opportunities Policy

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